Zeolite Capsule Products Comparison

Capsules are the second easiest way to ingest zeolite. They are convenient and easily transportable. A lot of the companies on the market that are making capsule zeolite products unfortunately are using commercial grade zeolite (not micronized). This means that it won’t be absorbed into your blood stream and thus be ineffective. The consumers are paying lower prices but they are getting a less effective product.

For detoxing, Destroxin is the best way to go. It is made from a company that is reputable and use the highest quality zeolite, ZEO Health, Ltd. For the products that had label information, this one had the most zeolite per serving.

ZEO Health also makes an anti-viral zeolite product Zeolite-AV with humic acid that attacks pre-viral cells and keeps them from forming into full viruses, all while using the zeolite to remove toxins. This product had the most zeolite out of any product in my comparison (with label information).

Zeolite Product Comparison – Capsule Products

Manufacturer Price Size of Container (g) Zeolite per Container (g) Zeolite per Serving Servings per Container Dosage/Directions Ingredients Rating
“Destroxin” made by ZEO Health, Ltd $24.99 90caps 72 1600mg 45 6 capsules/3 times first day then 2 capsules/2 times a day  zeolite, vitamin B12, calcium, gelatin  Rating: EXCELLENT – Reason: First company to make zeolite supplements.  Best quality, grade and purity of zeolite.  Best bang for your buck.
“Super Z-Lite” Zeolite Capsules
made by Omica Organics  
$21.95 90 caps Not stated Not stated Not stated Not stated zeolite, fulvic acid powder, Jerusalem artichoke inulin, ocean and plant derived ionic and trace minerals  Rating: NONE – Reason: No label information.  Amount of zeolite per serving cannot be verified.
made by Health Force Nutritionals  
$26.95 180 caps 90 1500mg 60 2 capsules/day Not stated Rating: WORST – Reason: Uses commercial grade zeolite, not micronized. No evidence of processing or cleaning for human consumption. Recently, it was discovered that this zeolite is only 48% pure and contained dangerously high levels on mold. Ingredients not stated on website.
“Zeolite Brand: Panaceo”
made by Panaceo 
$52.98  180 caps  Not stated Not stated Not stated Not stated Not stated Rating: NONE – Reason: German company with no label information.  Cannot verify quality, grade or purity of zeolite nor the amount of zeolite in each serving. 
made by NutraMedix  
$12.95 30 caps 16.5  1.1g  15  2 capsules every 3rd day at bedtimezeolite, vegetable capsule zeolite, vegetable capsule  Rating: OKReason: Recently switched zeolite suppliers, and now uses high grade, micronized zeolite.   
made by Zeo Health, Ltd  
$39.99  90 caps  81  1800mg  45  2 capsules/2 times a day  Zeolite, humic acid, vegetarian capsule Rating: EXCELLENT– Reason: First company to make zeolite supplements.  Best quality, grade and purity of zeolite.  Humic Acid is used for anti-viral issues and immune boosting.

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