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Zeolite as a dietary supplement has been around for about 15 years. It is relatively new to the market as a health supplement, but many have tried to make money with introducing a variety of products. Not all products are equal- not all zeolites are equal.

I have compared the different types of zeolite products made by a variety of companies. Through my research I have found out a lot about the zeolite supplement market. The topics I will cover will tell you all you will need to know to make an informed decision on where to purchase the best quality zeolite supplement.

About Zeolite

Zeolites are a family of minerals that form when volcanic ash and sea water meet and they crystalize over millions of years. There have been over 190 distinct forms of zeolite found to exist, but there is only one that is both safe for humans to consume and proven to be effective as a supplement: clinoptilolite. Zeolites have a strong cage-like structure and are negatively charged, these attributes attract and trap toxins. Your body doesn’t break down the structure of zeolite which makes it the ideal detoxifier and so popular in the supplement industry. From now on when I mention “zeolite” I’ll be talking about the form that is safe for humans to eat and drink (clinopilolite).

Where the zeolites are mined makes a difference in the purity of the zeolite. Commercial grade zeolite doesn’t go through a thorough cleaning process and is used for things like filler for concrete, water purification plants and an absorbent for kitty litter. Pharmaceutical grade zeolite has been through many cleaning and refining processes to ensure that you are getting the pure mineral. Commercial grade and pharmaceutical grade zeolite are two different things, but the FDA doesn’t differentiate between the two- allowing supplement companies to choose which one to place in their product. The only safe way to ingest zeolite is by making sure it is pharmaceutical grade, micronized pure clinopilolite zeolite. Using raw, unrefined zeolite or zeolite with impurities in dietary supplements can cause damage to your body.

Even though the FDA does not approve the final products of supplement companies, they do require all ingredients to be GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe). As of 2011, any manufacturing plant that makes supplements in the United States needs to be GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified and meet GMP standards. In other words, as long as the ingredients are GRAS and the manufacturing plant is GMP certified the companies can place whatever they want in them as long as it is stated properly on the label.

Why Compare Zeolite Products?

My goal is to debunk the myths and give you cold, hard facts about which products are worth the money. I have done extensive research on three types of zeolite products on the market: liquid, powder and capsules. Any of these methods are adequate to get the zeolite into your system, it just matters how much you take in order for it to be effective, the quality of the zeolite and what you find the easiest way to ingest it. All of the micronized zeolite products pass through the blood-brain barrier helping the zeolite attack the toxins in the entire body.

I will show the difference in price and quality of each group of products and give you a summary at the end. Most of the pricing was obtained through Amazon.com, but I am sure you can find cheaper prices if you hunt around the internet.

There is a lot of confusion as to where to find the best, most effective zeolite products. Many companies will use fancy words like “activated” or tout the size of the zeolite to the millionth micron or even claim that the more different types of zeolite in the product the better they work. These are all marketing tactics designed to confuse the customer and keep them uneducated in order to keep selling inferior products and make a larger profit. These are the companies who hire MLM’s (Multilevel Marketing firms) to plaster their products on hundreds of websites with misinformation. Making money is priority number one for these types of companies and will cut costs by using inferior, unrefined, impure zeolite.

There has also been a lot of talk about “liquid zeolite” being bad. “Liquid zeolite” is not zeolite liquefied, it’s not possible to liquefy zeolite without changing the important cage-like structure (which is the key in trapping the toxins), so now what they do is place the zeolite into a suspension liquid. Much care has to be taken to not to use the wrong fluid when making the suspension or you can create a bacteria producing environment inside the bottle. The bad press about the liquid zeolite products comes from one of the MLM companies who claimed to have a certain amount of zeolite in their product but when it was tested by an independent laboratory, it was found that what they claimed to have in one serving was actually less than it had in the whole bottle! This information led to a Federal Lawsuit and reformulation of their product, basically admitting that they were lying. Let me also note, the study about the efficacy of zeolite that’s referenced on the MLM’s site was done with the powdered form of zeolite (not even manufactured or used by the MLM’s company).

There are a few products in my comparison that did not give any label information on their product website- such as ingredients, amount of each ingredient, or even the amount of product in the bottle- this is against FDA regulations and therefore these products should not be trusted. I want you to know your facts and use this mineral in the safest, most effective way possible. I encourage you to do your own research and read as much as possible on this stuff before you take it. And as always before starting any dietary supplement, please check with your health professional.

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2 Responses to “Zeolite Product Comparions”
  1. Barry says:

    Liquid zeolite is a total scam and the reason is simple! Zeolite is not water soluble! In other words zeolite does not dissolve in water or in any other liquid! The liquid zeolite products on the market only contain a little bit of powdered zeolite in a little eye dropper bottle of water! The ONLY smart choice is pure zeolite in the powder form where you would take each dose with aprox 1 tablespoon of pure zeolite mixed with juice and water 3 times per day for a proper 90 day detox! For more information on this see the website at http://www.liquidzeolitescam.com

  2. K. says:

    Check out ResultsRNA Nano Advanced Zeolite. I believe to be the best on the market. Used in conjunction with their Nano Advanced Silver and Glutathione, has helped dramatically with my own health.

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