Liquid Zeolite Product Comparison

Any liquid (suspension) zeolite supplement you take is going to give you less than the recommended dosage for effectiveness. However, that being said, the ease of use and convenience of a liquid can’t be beat. Be wary of odd directions or ingredients (click here to see an article about the scams). A lot of the products on the market dilute the amount of zeolite to a minute amount and sell them at a high price. Some have been cited for lawsuits or claim to have zeolite particles that are smaller than the heavy metals they are supposed to be trapping in their cage-like structure!


If you do choose to go with a liquid product, Zetox made by Regal Supplements is the best way to go. They have the purist, cleanest and highest quality zeolite with the most per serving. If you do the math, you are getting the most zeolite for your dollar.


Zeolite Product Comparison – Liquid Products

Product Price Price Size of Container Zeolite per Container (g) Zeolite per Serving Servings per Container Dosage/Directions Ingredients Rating
“Liquid Zeolite”made by Regeneration USA  $28.57 1oz Not stated Not stated 120 5 drops/3 times a day Zeolite, humic acid, fulvic minerals, purified water Rating: POOR – Reason: Not enough zeolite for daily recommended dose and also is a MLM company with high markup in price.
“NCD Zeolite Cleanse & Detox”made by Waiora $48.00 15ml 2.4 24mg 100 3 drops/3 times a day sodium aluminosilicate zeolite, water Rating: POOR – Reason: Company reputation is very poor due to fraud lawsuit (mentioned on comparison page). No information on the newly formulated product is available.
SuperZLite Liquid”made by Omica Organics $34.98 4oz Not stated Not stated 43 55 drops (11 drops/5 times throughout the day circulate in mouth for 30 seconds before swallowing) micronized concentrated zeolite liquid, aloe vera juice, ocean-delivered ionic trace minerals, fluvic acid Rating: NONE – Reason: No label information.  Amount of zeolite per serving cannot be verified.
“Total Zeolite Intra-Oral Spray”
made by Immunity Enhancement 
$39.95 2oz 0.1944 5.9mg 72 5 sprays/2-3 times a day (do not eat or drink for 2 minutes after) Sub-micronized zeolite clinoptilolite, nano distilled water Rating: WORST – Reason: This product is a scam! There have been tests to show there is less than 1mg of zeolite in each serving (not the 5.9mg they claim). Also, if the zeolite particles are too small (sub-micronized) the heavy metals they are supposed to attract are larger than the zeolite. This makes it impossible to trap the heavy metals inside for detoxification.
“Ultra Liquid Zeolite”made by Liquid Zeolite $17.99 1oz 0.33 .001093mg 30 13 drops/1-3 times a day in a glass of spring or filtered water Zeolite, humic acid, fulvic acid, dhq, m-water, 72-Angstrom-size Ionic trace minerals, phyto-nutrients, macro-nutrients, micro nutrients, purified water, citric acid, potassium sorbate Rating: OK – Reason: High quality ingredients, but not enough zeolite per serving to be effective.
“ZeSol”made by Zortho $49.95 1oz Not stated Not stated 30-120 5-20 drops/3 times a day *Label not listed, in description: Zeolite, humic acid, ClearEarth, DHQ(dihydroquercetin Rating: NONE – Reason: No label information. Cannot verify quality, grade or purity of zeolite ingredients nor the amount of zeolite is in each serving.
“Zetox”made by Regal Supplements $21.99 2oz 6 100mg 60 1ml/2times a day Zeolite, B12, D3, deionized water, vegetable glycerine, natural flavors Rating: EXCELLENT– Reason: New company to zeolite market. Quality, grade and purity can be verified and they have the most zeolite per serving than all other liquid products.

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